Rain Dear?

May is over.
Summer has already ended.
Wind blows as I started to love the drizzle. The sky turns black.
Here comes the rain.
Neglecting everything around, loneliness invades my mind.
The monsoon triggers my vulnerable emotions.
I’m suddenly engulfed in a flood of memories. Missing things makes me weak.
I’m missing everyone. I’m missing you.
I’m missing you.
I am starting to get drowned.
I never loved the rain.
When it rains, there is pain.
Please impede this solitude.
Good thing it all stops when the sun shines.
You brighten my day. You dry things drenched in the rain.
You’re my sun. No matter what, I know you’ll come.
Again, here comes the rain.
Now, I love its existence.
Without the rain, it’s impossible.
You’re my sunshine.
You always stop the pain. You provide me a glimpse of a rainbow.
I know I can’t stop the rain from falling.
I’d rather enjoy its presence. Have fun with it while believing.
Rain isn’t just about reminiscing anymore,
It could also help build memories better than before. 
There’s no reason to stop believing.
I would love to view every raindrop it brings,
While playing with my dearest friends and getting soaked
Or while sharing an umbrella with the girl I love the most.