I can’t seem to find the perfect gift.
I was advised to buy this cute planner.
I was searching it for more than a week.
When I finally decided to buy it,
She already knew the plan.
I saw this fluffy stuffed toy in the mall.
I was about to buy it when I saw its name.
I immediately return it to the shelf.
Too bad it’s an inappropriate name.
I bought this pair of shoes.
I was looking at them for an hour.
I have this perfect explanation.
I have this cheesy reason for buying them.
Unluckily, she has this same pair of sneakers.
I don’t know if things just don’t go my way.
Amidst all the trouble of finding her a gift, 
It just shows how much I love her.
A planner isn't necessary.
I can plan our dates without using it.
So what if she has two pairs of such footwear?
They won’t hinder us from getting anywhere.
It would be more convenient having those extras.
It is not really a big deal if she's not wearing them,
All I want is to be with her.
She doesn't really need a stuffed toy.
She has her life size huggable teddy bear
which is not up for grabs.
And with this exciting New Year ahead with her,
surely a lot of good things await us.


You keep on asking me this question.
Months have passed,
And I still don’t have a concrete answer.

Is it because of your smile?
I don’t think so. You frown a lot. You cry.
Is it because you are pretty?
I still have to think about that.
Is it due to elegance?
You’re messy. You’re childlike.
We argue a lot and don't have that much things in common.
Ironically, that’s what I like about you.

Why it happened?
I still don’t know.
What I know is that it’s happening.

At least for me, falling in love is involuntary.
It just happens whether you like it or not.
However, it is still a choice on what to do with it.
Two things come in mind, Pursue it or just let it fade away?
On the other hand, The same thing applies with falling out of it.
It is uncontrollable. But letting go is still a choice.
Someone who let go chose to do it.
It’s his/her choice. It’s what he/she decided to do.
He/she decided to give up and not to fight for it.
And if that someone still has bitterness after letting go,
Well, I think he/she realized
 He/she made the wrong decision.
It doesn’t make if it’s just for the sake of being bitter.
If he/she wanted to come back, it’s a choice.
Take away some pride for the sake of love.

Why I love you is still a question needed to be answered.
I’m not trying to answer it now. I have a lifetime to do it.
We’ll just find the answer along the way.
It’s involuntary.Just like the heartbeats.
When the heart stops beating, everything ends.

Because I Love You.

Rain Dear?

May is over.
Summer has already ended.
Wind blows as I started to love the drizzle. The sky turns black.
Here comes the rain.
Neglecting everything around, loneliness invades my mind.
The monsoon triggers my vulnerable emotions.
I’m suddenly engulfed in a flood of memories. Missing things makes me weak.
I’m missing everyone. I’m missing you.
I’m missing you.
I am starting to get drowned.
I never loved the rain.
When it rains, there is pain.
Please impede this solitude.
Good thing it all stops when the sun shines.
You brighten my day. You dry things drenched in the rain.
You’re my sun. No matter what, I know you’ll come.
Again, here comes the rain.
Now, I love its existence.
Without the rain, it’s impossible.
You’re my sunshine.
You always stop the pain. You provide me a glimpse of a rainbow.
I know I can’t stop the rain from falling.
I’d rather enjoy its presence. Have fun with it while believing.
Rain isn’t just about reminiscing anymore,
It could also help build memories better than before. 
There’s no reason to stop believing.
I would love to view every raindrop it brings,
While playing with my dearest friends and getting soaked
Or while sharing an umbrella with the girl I love the most.

Love Letters

A year ago, I just can't stop reminiscing.
Things appeared to be in their proper places, so perfect, so real.
Months of being in love, months of being loved.
Scratch papers filled with different scribbles, evidence of a seemingly endless affection.
Once served as proofs of a treasured connection. Now proofs of a broken relationship. 
The reason of the breakup, I have no idea. Perhaps fate directed us in this scenario.
There's only one thing sure. Those love letters will remain witnesses of the love I once shared with that person. Memories are meant to be kept, and these are the testimonies.

A year ago, I just can't stop reminiscing.
I've become stronger emotionally. I have so many reasons to be happy.
Moving on is necessary. Falling in love again is involuntary.

A year ago, I can't stop reminiscing.
Things appeared to be in their proper places, so perfect, so real.
Months of being in love, months of being loved.
A year after, still can't stop reminiscing. Things appeared to be imperfect, yet so real.
Reminiscing with the girl I've been dreaming, not with the one I once dreamed.
Still believing in the scratch paper's magic. I'm still hoping, looking forward on creating new memories.
Not with the past, but hopefully with the last.
Even though how hopeless romantic it can be.