I can’t seem to find the perfect gift.
I was advised to buy this cute planner.
I was searching it for more than a week.
When I finally decided to buy it,
She already knew the plan.
I saw this fluffy stuffed toy in the mall.
I was about to buy it when I saw its name.
I immediately return it to the shelf.
Too bad it’s an inappropriate name.
I bought this pair of shoes.
I was looking at them for an hour.
I have this perfect explanation.
I have this cheesy reason for buying them.
Unluckily, she has this same pair of sneakers.
I don’t know if things just don’t go my way.
Amidst all the trouble of finding her a gift, 
It just shows how much I love her.
A planner isn't necessary.
I can plan our dates without using it.
So what if she has two pairs of such footwear?
They won’t hinder us from getting anywhere.
It would be more convenient having those extras.
It is not really a big deal if she's not wearing them,
All I want is to be with her.
She doesn't really need a stuffed toy.
She has her life size huggable teddy bear
which is not up for grabs.
And with this exciting New Year ahead with her,
surely a lot of good things await us.


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